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Nationalpark Schwarzwald
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Contact person "Tourism":

You work in the travel industry and want to collaborate with the Black Forest National Park? Please feel free to contact our responsible employee:

Natalie Beller
Phone: +49 7442 18018 321


Contact person "Ranger":

You have questions about the work of our rangers? Please feel free to contact our responsible employee:

Patrick Stader
Tel.: +49 7842 99654 13



Out and about in the National Park

Deep green forests, thundering waterfalls and bizarre rock formations – during a short walk, a cycling trip or a cross-country skiing tour you can explore and enjoy the wild beauty of the Black Forest at your own pace. In the National Park you will find numerous signed paths and adventure trails complemented in winter by cross-country skiing tracks and snowshoe routes. Help us to preserve nature’s magic and to protect the animals and plants by keeping to the rules.

On Foot

The most intensive way to experience nature in the National Park is probably on foot. The slowness of your own steps allows the magic of nature to unfold in all its glory. Those who walk through the Black Forest with a keen eye can discover many little wonders on the edges of the paths. 


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Adventure Trails

The adventure trails belong to the most popular trails in the Black Forest National Park. This is no surprise, seeing that the visitors have the opportunity to experience the distinctive kind of nature along these three trails. Each trail dedicates itself to a certain subject and has a unique path layout.


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Out and about in winter

Snow-covered treetops and ice crystals glistening in the sun – wintertime in the National Park is a very special experience. From November to April extremely harsh conditions prevail in the upper reaches of the Black Forest – and large quantities of snow are common. At this time of year the best way to explore the Black Forest is with a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis using the designated tracks. Since the 2014/15 winter season, the National Park Administration is in charge of marking the tracks. There is also a wide range of ski pistes in and around the National Park.

The colder months of the year are a particular challenge for the animals in the National Park. We therefore kindly remind all visitors of the necessity to keep to the cross-country skiing tracks and snowshoe trails. The slightest disturbance can be harmful for the roe and red deer, the capercaillies, hares and martens. As food is scarce in winter, the animals must to a large extent rely on their fat reserves. Hence they require quiet areas where they can rest and save energy. Due to stress or even having to escape, the animals use up energy resources that are desperately needed for survival. Please keep as calm as possible and leave the forest by nightfall. We kindly ask you to keep dogs on leads as is the case throughout the year.

A report on the snow conditions with daily updates is provided by a local association, the  Black Forest National Park Region.



Find your personal hiking trail through the National Park.

We offer you a few options.

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  • Allerheiligen-Wasserfälle
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Find your personal bike tour across the National Park. How about this route?

  • Out and about on the mountain ridges and foothills
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Rules for
National Park

We are delighted that you are interested in discovering the Black Forest National Park and wish you a very warm welcome. Due to the high number of ...

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