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Nationalpark Schwarzwald
Schwarzwaldhochstr. 2
77889 Seebach}
07449 - 92998 0
07449 - 92998 499


Contact person "Junior rangers":

Do you got questions about our junior ranger program? Please feel free to contact our executive employee:

Kerstin Musso
Tel.: +49 7449 92998 424

Assume responsibility - as a junior ranger

"You become responsible, forever, for all things you become familiar with." (A. Saint Exupéry)

With this thought in mind, we are giving children between the ages of five and twelve the chance to experience the connections in the natural environment as observers, researchers and discoverers. We ask ourselves the question: "What does nature do when humans do nothing?" Plus we study the fauna and flora and discover together all that is special about the National Park.

Those who learn about and appreciate early on in life the characteristics and beauty of our animal and plant worlds also feel the desire to protect them.

"What do children between the ages of five and twelve want and how do they learn?" These are the questions that our experienced teachers and educationally trained rangers focus on when out and about in the National Park with junior rangers. The groups explore the fauna and flora in the National Park as a team. They learn how to decipher tracks, to differentiate different bird species from another and discover as a group how everything relates to one system. Everything has its place and fulfils its task. This is also experienced by the junior rangers in their own ‘system’ as a group. Great importance is attributed to teaching social skills and mindful social interaction.

Today, it is increasingly difficult for children to experience nature directly. Playing and discovering in a natural environment is vitally important, however, for a child’s emotional and cognitive development. Sensorial experiences encourage empathy, fantasy and creativity. By observing and studying the fascinating fauna and flora in your immediate vicinity these resources are promoted. We make exciting experiences possible that will not be forgotten and can be created from the power and energy that will be present.  

In addition to the courses for beginners, we also offer advanced courses for qualified junior rangers.

Voluntary work in the National Park

Voluntary work in the National Park

In the Department of Environmental Education and Visitor Care, the Black Forest National Park offers two assignment places for the Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) and two assignment ...

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Junior Rangers

Junior Rangers

"You become responsible, forever, for all things you become familiar with." (A. Saint Exupéry) With this thought in mind, we are giving children between the ages of five and twelve ...

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All of wood:
Our new National
Park centre

The long, overlapping corridors are reminiscent of tree trunks, the wooden exterior walls anyway. The winner design of the new National Park ...

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Allein im Jahr 2016 konnte der Nationalpark Schwarzwald 115 Kinder und Jugendliche zwischen 5 und 12 Jahren in seinem Juniorranger*in-Programm begrüßen.